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Education: The University of Pennsylvania

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Class of 2017

English Fluency: (American dialect) Native


Languages: During my linguistics studies, I took courses of all types related to languages. I also took many language-learning courses (Mandarin, American Sign Language, Twi, Spanish, and German) in various settings (classroom, small-group, and 1-on-1).

Tutoring: I have two years of experience tutoring students in English and American Sign Language. The level of students ranged from complete beginner to advanced.

Work experience: I worked in tech in multiple countries. - Amazon, startups, etc. - for a few years before pursuing the freelance / entrepreneurial route when I decided to live a more nomadic lifestyle abroad (also relevant for business English tutoring).


I have always done well in school, all simply because I loved learning. I have been fortunate enough to feel supported by my parents and teachers, have access to many resources, feel intellectually stimulated by my classes, and feel safe enough to make mistakes.

Students should enjoy the learning process, as interest is one of the greatest natural motivators of information retention.

I strive to create a happy, fun, mentally-healthy, and emotionally-safe environment for students so that they can feel as comfortable and motivated as possible to learn a new language.


While I integrate reading and writing, my lessons are focused on natural conversation. As both a teacher and student of language-learning, I have found this to be the most effective & quickest method in picking up a language and its cultural connotations & contexts.

I tailor my lessons individually to the student's needs, level, goals, and learning style.

I can tutor 1:1 or in groups, both in person and online.

📍Current location: Da Nang, Vietnam


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10% of all services under Little Bo Piggy are donated to Friends of Animals, an animal welfare charity. This means that 10% of all tutoring fees will be donated.

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  • WhatsApp: +16502704856