In the dance between imagination and reality, each step crafts a transformative existence for the mind.

Hi, I'M BOBO (Val)!

One of the most important things in the world to me is freedom.

I believe that the key to true freedom lies inside of our subconscious. The more we clear up what is there, the more free we are to choose, express, love, and live. There's nothing like the feeling of discovering deeper and deeper levels of inner freedom as we go on in life.

Over the years, I began to discover that my innate childhood interests and opportunities became important tools for my inner transformation.

So I combined them and started Little Bo Piggy.

Tattoos, traveling, and energy work have had a huge impact on me in various ways throughout my life. I hope you'll find deeper freedom in yourself through these tools as well!

*I currently live a nomadic lifestyle around the world, a very deeply fulfilling experience for me.

Thank you world for giving so many blessings!

Ko Samui, Thailand

I learned how to tattoo!

Seattle, WA, USA

I set up my first energy healing business.

Da Nang, Vietnam

A safe, comfortable space to heal my past.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Here, I started Little Bo Piggy.