Intuitive Tattoo Design: "Heart Twig" for Feeling Overwhelmed

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Intuitive Tattoo Design: "Heart Twig" for Feeling Overwhelmed

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In the fairy realm, heart twigs are found on trees and radiate as soothing sensation for the aura, whispering tender promises of tranquility and "Everything will be okay."

This abstract heart twig and all the elements it embodies (symbols, colors, shapes, etc.) carry a frequency that helps with:

❤️ Reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed with too much on our plate

❤️ Finding a balance in life 

❤️ Feeling like we have time to accomplish everything we need to do

❤️ Feeling strong in our abilities and capabilities

❤️ Relaxing and trusting that all will be taken care of, even if we slow down

❤️ Enjoying the present moment

❤️ Taking everything one step at a time

❤️ Taking us off the "battlefield" of life and placing us in a safer space



Throughout ancient history, a global tradition emerged wherein humans adorned themselves with tattoos, often seeking spiritual or self-identifying empowerment. These markings served as safeguards against negative forces, marked important life transitions, connected one to ancestral heritage, affirmed tribal belonging, and differentiated societal roles. In many cultures, the act of receiving a tattoo was a significant event accompanied by rituals, chanting, energetic intentions and prayers - the tattooist was usually a person deemed "holy" in society, an ink shaman or healer.

However, tattoos later underwent a shift in perception, becoming associated with criminality in many societies. This is due to various factors, such as religious missionaries suppressing the practice or the marking of prisoners, leading to associations with gangs, poverty, and violence.

In recent times, there has been a resurgence in the acceptance and appreciation of tattoos. Collective cultures are slowly embracing this ancient art form once more, fostering an open-mindedness towards the practice and its energetic benefits.

Every single thing is energy! This includes the design of our tattoos, the placement, the colors, the reason for getting them, the artist who tattoos us, the studio that the artist works in, etc...  All of this leaves a permanent marking and vibration in our skin & aura.

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Please keep in mind that intuitive tattoos act as energy healing tools. They are "frequency symbols" that speak to our subconscious mind and bring forth a "dialogue" from our subconscious to our conscious, and vice versa. Tattoos are not meant to  treat, diagnose, or replace any form of conventional medical care. They are simply a tool for subconscious healing - please seek your doctor for any and all medical concerns. Little Bo Piggy accepts no liability and shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from any videos or information posted.