Discovering Our Personal Fairy Godmother: The Forever Inner Friend & Kind Inner Voice

Discovering Our Personal Fairy Godmother: The Forever Inner Friend & Kind Inner Voice

For as long as I can remember, I have always talked to a "Fairy Godmother" inside of my head.

Whenever I was struggling as a kid, I would close my eyes and imagine a fairy with a pink dress and wings standing in front of me, giving me kind words of love and advice.

I named her "Glenda," moniker and looks likely inspired by Glinda, the good witch in The Wizard of Oz. Call her an "inner voice" or "spirit guide"...Glenda has been with me almost my whole life (that I can remember), never once failing to show up for me. 

She doesn't seem to have much of a complex character or personality - she pretty much acts as a listening ear, a kind soul, and a feeling of love & all that is good in the world.

I used to pretend that I was a secret agent fairy, living a life of a human in order to observe the "strange humans of the world." I would then report my findings back to Glenda everyday in the shower. This is how I started developing my self-talk, imagination, and inner world from a young age - through the world of fairies and fairytales.

As a sensitive child, I escaped into this fairy world often in order to feel safe, away from the harshness of the world. In this world, there is no judgment, no blaming, no shaming, no guilt, no power struggles... only love.

In this world, I only ever heard from the Glenda the words:

"It's okay, honey, you are doing so well!"

"Don't worry, accept that about yourself!"

"You are strong, and you WILL survive."

"Trust me, I'll be here to always protect you."

"They only act this way from a place of hurt in themselves."

"Just laugh about it!"


They always say "Love yourself." It's hard for me to understand the "self" without imagining up a figure, such as Glenda. So I project myself onto this fairy godmother, project a loving space into the fairy world, and feel good there. Glenda still stays with me to this day, and she is unlikely to go anywhere until the day that I pass.

As I become more grounded with age and life experience, Glenda actually grows stronger inside of me, coming out into real life rather than just in my head. I see Glenda more and more through other people, things, and situations. The fairy world and the "real" world are blending!

Actively, consciously developing a fairy godmother inside of ourselves can really help us find a place (and "figure") to retreat to when times get tough. Nothing in the outer world is permanent, so loss and transitions are a normal part of life. But that's not say they're easy. So having a safe space inside, always there, can give us a sense of comfort and solidity.

Develop a "fairy" inside of yourself who will always, without a doubt, say to you the utmost kindest thing anyone could ever say to you. This way, you will keep a space of kindness inside of yourself no matter how others may try to treat you.

Sometimes, the inner voice may try to say something unkind. I always take some time to rack my brain to see if there is an even kinder thing to say. If so, I choose that statement as the truth. I may not always believe it in that moment. But the kinder statement will always feel more comforting to me on some level, so I then choose to stick to that.

With this sense of solidity within will come a more open mind, more self-acceptance, more self-kindness, and a greater feeling of overall life satisfaction. The kindness we feel towards ourselves inside directly relates to how nicely we experience life.

And I hope that we all can grow the most amount of kindness possible inside of ourselves!


XOXO, Bobo


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