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Tattoos are an immensely powerful form of art, one that connects us to the deepest, most intimate layers of ourselves. They ground us in our bodies, speak to our subconscious minds, communicate to those around us, and help us with healing in ways that we may not even realize ourselves.
Tattoos have historically held great spiritual significance for many cultures. Tattoos that are designed with positive intentions - "intuitive tattoos" can act as protective talismans or bring blessings that accompany the unique intentions.
This then, is how tattoos physically and energetically transform us. After all, everything in this world is intention and energy!
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Each country, each city, each geographic coordinate system reflects a certain energetic frequency - which really is a collection of the collective thoughts, history, culture, etc.
When we immerse ourselves in these various frequencies, we get to experience a different part of ourselves. Traveling is ultimately a journey of self-discovery.
Traveling and living around the world opens up our mind and more importantly, our hearts. Developing compassion for others helps us develop compassion for ourselves.
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Fairies are the architects of the world we call "reality."
The fairy realm, "Tinkerland," refers to the spiritual energy realm that exists alongside the physical realm. Both realms work together in equal importance, and we all have one foot in each realm.
When life feels difficult in the physical world, we can seek love and joy in the energetic world. In that realm, everything is possible.
Tinkerland exists in ourselves. All we have to do is believe in magic, close our eyes, and enter the world of the fairies.

Chenoa, USA

Custom Tattoo Design

Your channeled message is exactly where I am right now on my healing journey. Everything you mentioned is spot on and actually brought tears of relief and happiness. It has been a long path getting to this point in my life and I’m still trying to elevate and break through some challenges to better myself, protect my energy and continue with boundaries. I am extremely...

Jennifer, United Kingdom


SUCH A BLESSING!!! Wow, there are no words to describe how I felt after getting these attunements. A friend recommended them to me. I have bought 3 now and they have made my life better in ways that I can't even describe. So many thanks and much love, thank you for doing what you're doing.

Charlotte, Thailand

Custom Tattoo Design

Wowza! Firstly, what a gift to find an energetic artist who does tattoo! The energy reading was incredibly accurate and the design was channeled beautifully, not only could I feel myself in the artwork, the powerful energy from the tattoo itself is already serving a good reminder of what I'm calling into my life... Val is a wonderful soul and I'm super grateful for her energetic wisdom and creativity.

Sandra, United States

PDF Course

I got Val's Intuitive and Psychic Course - it's helped me tremendously to understand how my intuition works and how to channel my tarot cards better. Super invaluable information that I can rely on!


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